CHURCH and STATE: the Israel Experiment

Pre-production Campaign

Please support this documentary film project, which we will shoot in Palestine and Israel, and will show what is actually  happening in this war-torn region. America claims to support the concept of the separation between church and state, yet the United States government continues to prop up The State of Israel (which is a separate thing than Judaism), no matter the consequences of its merging of church and state.

For more information about what is happening in Palestine and Israel, please click the following links.

The Guardian view on Gaza shooting: stop killing unarmed citizens 

Palestine calls for ICC investigation as Israel Defense Forces kill dozens of Gaza protesters 

 I grew in a Jewish household, which was committed to peace and justice for all people. Only recently did I learn that Israel,  which is supposed to represent all Jews, is subjecting the Palestinian people to discrimination and violence. That is why I am making this documentary film. 

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