"World Politics—the Straight Scoop" documentary series

Peace Films produces documentaries on hot international political issues—usually, events ignored by the mainstream news.

We are producing a TV series: Inside Scoop Worldwide. Each 45-minute episode will investigate political corruption in various countries and the citizens who are nonviolently fighting back, including:
  • inside sources from within the government, exposing secrets not aired on the nightly news
  • intimate portrayals of 2-3 citizens who are affected by government corruption—and are speaking truth to power
  • analysis from current or veteran US intelligence analysts on US involvement in the events
  • cinematographic footage of the beauty—and turmoil of the country
As the series proceeds, viewers will begin to see a pattern—and they will begin to see world affairs through a different, more personal lens. We are currently working on
Arn Mutia, Co-producer Filipino activist, former Phillippines church & peasant organizer
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte makes a “fist bump”, his May presidential elections campaign gesture, with soldiers during a visit at Capinpin military camp in Tanay, Rizal in the Philippines August 24, 2016. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

The Philippines’ Elusive Peace​

The people of the Philippines endured decades of corruption and violence under the control of an iron-fisted dictator, Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Then, Corazon “Cory” Aquino was catapulted into office by a popular uprising.  She was the most prominent figure of the 1986 People Power Revolution, which toppled the 21-year authoritarian rule of President Ferdinand Marcos and restored democracy to the Philippines.

However, unfortunately, in the end, she failed to institute basic reforms.

In July 2016 many Filipinos initially breathed a sigh of relief upon the election of Rodrigo Duterte.  At first, he had a good working relationship with the people’s movement, appointing progressives to cabinet positions and appearing to support fundamental reforms. However, he then did a 180-degree turn-around and cut off communication with the people’s movement and fired his progressive appointees.  One year into his term, in July 2017 he declared martial law for first the town of Marawi and then for the entire island of Mindanao.

Yet the US and other mainstream media have barely covered these calamitous events. Peace Films plans to travel to the Philippines and thoroughly investigate. We will interview the full spectrum of Philippine society, all the way from rural peasants to current and former members of the Duterte administration. And as is our mission, we will ascertain what if any involvement the United States has in this crisis.

Church and State: the Israel Experiment

“Church and State” is a documentary about the State of Israel, which uses sympathy for the victims of the Holocaust to justify victimizing another ethnicity—Palestinians. Israel has created the perfect defense against criticism, the accusation that any who dare to criticize its policies are de facto anti-Semitic, no matter their ethnicity. Israel has thus far gotten away with merging Church and State…with all of the discrimination and oppression this entails.

Our journey begins with Director, Netra Halperin, born in California of a Jewish father and a Christian mother — who both converted to Zen Buddhism. Netra (who got a new name in an ashram in India), while she participated in Passover and Chanukah ceremonies as a child, does not practice the religion of Judaism, but identifies with some of the prominent characteristics of Jews, such as always questioning the status quo and speaking out against injustice.

Then we travel to Palestine and Israel, where we meet the people intimately involved in this horrible struggle. We see the Israeli protection of their race and religion, after having gone through the holocaust—and the Palestinians, living their own, slow-moving Nakba (Disaster).

We show, through intimate human portrayals of both the Palestinians and Jews the urgency of resolving this crisis, which is causing so much suffering. There will never be peace until there is justice.

Donald Trump & "Bibi" Netanyahu​. The US gives the Israel Defense Force (IDF) $3.8 billion per year/$10.41 million/day​
We are currently raising funds for our trip to Palestine. Please help us expose the STRAIGHT SCOOP.