Peace Films

Netra Halperin

MA, PeaceFilms Producer/Director

People want peace and yet they support war. Why? Because politicians and the corporate media tell us that we need to be afraid. They tell us that “A terrorist attack on American soil is imminent”, and that “Muslims hate us because of our freedoms”. They tell us that Muslims are “extremists”, “barbaric”, and “terrorists”. Since these are the only images we see, we believe them. Peace Films exposes the reality behind the propaganda.

What are Peacemakers?

Peacemakers are people who understand that race, religion, and nationality do not define us as humans. We are all so much more. The most powerful thing that we can do to stop war is to refuse to hate and fear people who, while they may appear foreign, are actually much more similar; with the same hopes, dreams and aspirations. You are invited to join us.